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Student Artwork to Share

We would like to share some amazing artwork displays with you that students have created throughout the school recently.  


Division 1 has designed and created their own personal flags that represent their cultural heritage, as well as pictures of their favourite winter scenes.




















Division 3 has created an artwork display of elves using bright festive colours.






Division 4 has created artwork that shows the four seasons:  summer, winter, fall and spring through a visual representation of what a tree looks like throughout all of these seasons.





Division 2 has created artwork that is inspired by Canadian Artist Barbara Reid using plasticine.






Division 2 has also been working with the colour wheel and created these beautiful colour wheel sunsets.






Division 5 has created images of themselves truly showing how proud they are to be who they are.






Every student in the school has created a hand sharing their feelings about, “I matter because…”  There were many amazing answers shared and some examples are:  I matter because I am unique, nice, helpful, caring, a good listener, loved and I am the future.