Welcome to Glenwood

The community surrounding Glenwood Elementary today is characterized by its diversity. Just south of the Skytrain and denser housing, the Glenwood neighbourhood contains productive farmland and market gardens, light industry, and small acreages. Most of the immediate neighbourhood consists of single-family housing.

Although we are a small school, we provide a comprehensive program for all of our students (kindergarten to grade 7). Our dedicated staff provides a wealth of both academic and extra-curricular opportunities for our students.  At Glenwood we are truly “school teachers” rather than “classroom teachers” – all staff know and care for each of our learners.

There is a high degree of parent involvement at Glenwood Elementary with an active, well-organized Parent Advisory Committee. Parents are seen as partners in education and we value the time and support that is received from parents in this community. Parents can be involved as much or as little as they choose to be whether it is through driving to sports events, helping out in the classroom, or helping to sponsor activities within the school. At Glenwood Elementary we welcome such fantastic parent support and participation.

Reg LaPlante
Vice – Principal